Visit the best wine secrets around Lake Garda


Throughout more than 10 years, we’ve travelled to Lake Garda, and visited more than 50 wineries, in both Bardolino and Valpolicella. East of Lake Garda you’ll find these two fantastic, authentic wineries where you’ll get the most out of your money.

A hidden treasure and an innovative idea for your benefit
We found Marchesini in the Bardolino district – almost a bit… hidden away – by pure coincidence. Of all the places we visited up until then, this was the place where we got the most bang for our buck.

Through my network in the northern part of Italy, and our new friend from Bardolino, I’ve also managed to make it possible, for us, to offer you a equally fantastic and authentic experience in Valpolicella.
It’s called Le Marognole and it’s a very idyllic family-owned winery, that doesn’t use big expenses on such as; marketing. Regardless, the relationship between price and quality is positively equal to nothing else we could find. So – if you’re a big fan of Amarone, Ripasso etc. you should definitely also visit Marognole in Valpolicella!

Suggesting a combined trip

Within less than 25 km, you’ve got a great opportunity to taste some of the best wine from both the Bardolino- and the Valpolicella district. Optimally, you’d start your tour at the winery, Marchesini Marcello. It’s only € 15 per Guest (children are € 8). The experience includes wine tasting, small servings and local specialities that goes with the wine – and of course; a tour of the vineyard.
5 minutes from Marchesini Marcello lies the Wine Museum, Zeni –  It’d be an excellent idea to combine your visit at Marchesini Marcello with a look at this attraction as well.

At Zeni, a lot of their cheaper wines are free to taste. If you wish to taste something like an Amarone, you should expect to pay approximately  € 10 per Person. Be aware that the museum is quite visited by tourist.

So if you’d like a more authentic wine tasting experience, I’d suggest you combine a visit to Marchesini Marcello with a 25 km trip throughout the beautiful landscape of Valpolicella to Le Marognole (only available Monday and Tuesday).

As mentioned, Le Marognole is an quite idyllic area, with high quality wines for reasonable prices. A tour around the facilities, where you’ll learn more about the manufacturing of such wines as the Amarone, and tasting will only cost you € 15 – and it’s worth every penny!

Available reservations can be seen in the booking module

Marchesini Marcello:
Man – sat. at 11AM og 4PM during high season, else at 12.PM

Le Marognole:
Man – fri. at 10AM , 2PM and 4PM. Thurs – 2PM and 4PM